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The Beauty Center of Casa Cipriani Milano is located in the area of Corso Venezia, equipped with treatment cabins where you can enjoy all the services including those more specific supported by advanced aesthetic technologies.

Our exclusive menu of massages and beauty treatments, combined with cutting-edge technologies, will lead you into a luxury experience to achieve your well-being. Our team of experts will guide you to a personalized path, offering an impeccable and refined service, that characterizes Cipriani from more than ninety years. Attention to detail and care for each individual guest are fundamental elements of our philosophy, which make the wellness experience in our unique spa.

Opening hours: from 9AM to 9PM, from Monday to Sunday

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Telephone: +39 02 25564270


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Aesthetics and advanced technology


It is an Italian technology, product of over 30 years of scientific research and application in the field of sports preparation and recovery. This instrument consists in the use of a resistive and capacitive electrode that supports the manual massage performed by the therapist. This synergy allows to work in an enhanced way on the vasodilation, therefore on the microcirculation and the oxygenation of the tissues, allowing a deep relaxation of contractures. By stimulating the meridian points and the reflex points of the body, the electrolytic charges are redistributed harmoniously, acting in an effective way even on imperfections. An experience of true well-being that awakens the natural processes of rejuvenation


Hydrafacial is a non-invasive and customized treatment that acts on cell regeneration improving the health and brightness of the skin, thanks to an advanced technology of hydro-dermabrasion which is able to: cleanse, exfoliate, purify and convey specific active principles.

Especially effective with signs of time, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, acne and impurities. Thanks to the use of a vacuum both plumping and draining effect are obtained, the face will visibly appear more toned and youthful, the complexion more homogeneous and brighter.

The treatment is customizable for all skin types and the results are visible from the first session.

Diode Laser Hair Removal

MeDioStarľ Monolith is the innovative and market-leading technology.

It is based on the process of selective photothermolysis: the possibility of modulating the pulse length causes the light to concentrate on the hair and not on melanin, acting on the hair follicle without damage to the epidermis.

It revolutionizes the concept of epilation progressively definitive, making the treatments faster, safer and effective than ever on every area of the body, on every phototype and type of hair with personalized paths.

Beauty Building Technology

This state-of-the-art machine combines two exclusive treatment modes: high-power infrared LEDs for fat accumulation reduction and EMS Elettro Mio Stimulation for muscle toning.

You can tone and reshape at the same time or activate a single mode for a fully tailored body treatment.

It’s a complete remise en forme: fast, effective and effortless.

Treatment Menu

Aesthetics and advanced technology

Cryo Chamber | Single Session / 60€

Cryo Chamber | Five Sessions / 275€

Cryo Chamber | Ten Sessions / 500€

Cryo Chamber | Thirty Session / 1350€

3 minutes in our full body cryocab provides boost of endorphins, improves immunity, facilitates recovery from exercise.

The Cryo pricelist above is for Cipriani House Members only.

Omeoenergetica | 25’/50’ – 80/150€

It is an Italian technology, product of over 30 years of scientific research and application in the field of sports preparation and recovery. This instrument consists of the use of two different electrodes that support the manual massage performed by the therapists. This synergy allows to work on the vasodilation, microcirculation and oxygenation of the tissues, enhancing the traditional deep tissue massage benefits.

Hydrafacial Signature | 30’ / 170€

A deep purification of the skin through a painless system of hydro-dermabrasion able to remove impurities and releasing specific serums on the skin at the same time.

Hydrafacial Deluxe | 45’ / 210€

The Deluxe treatment, in addition to the deep purification, includes a specific booster and a LED light therapy: blue with purifying action; red with soothing and stimulating action for the microcirculation

Hydrafacial Platinum | 60’ / 250€

This is the most complete face protocol made by Hydrafacial: it is the product of the combination between the Signature and the Deluxe treatments accomplished by the extra touch of the lymphatic drainage of the face made through a glass bell.

Scalp Treatment Keravive | 60’ / 350€

Hydrafacial Keravive is skincare for your scalp, using vortex fusion technology designed to promote thicker, fuller, and healthier-looking hair.

The Signature Cipriani Facial_The Definitive | 50’/80’ – 270/320€

Using Auteur Skincare with the ancient healing powers of Lymphatic Gua Sha techniques and completing with the “inside out” approach of Lightwave LED Therapy, this treatment will dramatically revitalize your skin enhancing your own natural beauty.

B Strong Plus | 50’ / 100€

This state-of-the-art machine combines two exclusive treatment modes: high-power infrared LEDs for fat accumulation reduction and EMS Electro Myo Stimulation for muscle toning.

It is possible to tone and reshape at the same time or activate a single mode for a fully tailored body treatment.

Diode Laser Hair Removal Half Legs | starting from 30’ / 150€

Facial Treatments

Brightening Facial | 25’ / 90€

The fast facial has immediate results. The combination of pure vitamin C powder activated in liquid glutathione guarantees an immediately radiant and reinvigorated skin.

Instant Perfect Eyes Jalu 3D | 25’ / 100€

Eye contour specific treatment. This fast beauty facial makes the skin stretch and redefined in its structure, guaranteeing immediate glowing effect.

Facial Cleansing | 50’ / 120€

Dermo purification facial treatment. Cleansing steps are performed with the specific enzymatic peeling mask and the classic face steaming completed with manual pressing.

Calming | 50’ / 150€

With the application of skin-icing product, provoking a fast succession of vasodilation and vasoconstriction, combined with a delicate draining massage that supports the lymphatic flow, the skin results decongested and radiant.

Detox | 50’ / 150€

Manual oxygen stimulation of the face promotes cellular breathing. With the help of the active detoxifying anti-aging ingredients and the specific tapping massage, the skin types that need more revitalization will immediately recover their freshness and radiance.

Hydrating and Nourishing | 50’ / 150€

The main active ingredients such as aloe vera gel and Elastin, along with the biotechnological proteins of rice and lupin hydrate and nourish the skin. The aim of this facial is to let the skin feel restored and to awaken the brightness of the face.

Jalu 3D Pro Face Treatment | 80’ / 250€

This is a highly performing facial treatment. It brightens, strengthens, and immediately restores turgidity of the skin, minimizing wrinkles. JALU 3D patches and Vitamin C active principles are conveyed through extremely specific application movements, helping to plump the skin.

Sublime Firming and Lifting | 80’ / 230€

An exclusive ritual of face revitalization, associated with unique and embracing gestures. The exclusive key of this treatment is the application of a signature serum and cream: their intensive anti-aging formulation reduce the number and depth of wrinkles, and the alginate mask will promote a deep absorption of the products, giving an immediate and persistent firming and lifting effect.

Body Massages

Focus Massage | 25’ / 80€

Time targeted massage for a specific part of the body that can be back and neck, feet and legs, face, and scalp.

Draining Body Massage | 50’/80’-140/190€

Specific combined movements activate and support the removal of fluids and toxins excess.

Relax Body Massage | 50’/80’-140/190€

Sink into relaxation, with long gliding strokes that assist in placing the body and the mind into a state of calm, while feeling the improvement of circulation and oxygen flow throughout the body.

Deep Tissue Body Massage | 50’/80’-140/190€

Expert techniques focus on realigning the deep layers of muscles to reduce stress and relieve chronic aches and pains.

Tailor-Made Body Massage | 50’/80’-140/190€

A completely customizable massage experience where our expert Therapists will take the time to discuss the best treatment option to ensure maximum results.

Reflexology Treatment | 50’/80’-150/200€

A specific technique based on applying localized pressure to specific points on feet, hands and ears. This massage stimulates the movement of the energy and restores physical and mental wellbeing.

Exfoliating Body Treatments

Mint Body Scrub Detox Energizing | 50’ / 150€

This body treatment begins with a scrub made of sea salt and essential oils of mint and eucalyptus. Thanks to its detoxifying action the skin immediately turns smooth and purified. It continues with a specific massage which stimulates microcirculation and oxygenates the skin.

Nourishing Body Scrub | 50’ / 150€

Nourishing butter scrub combined with sea salt. Rich in vitamins and precious mineral salts, it is the right choice for skin that needs deep nourishment all year long, also before and after sunbathing. This scrub guarantees an unmatched experience of softness.

Saline Gel Renewing Exfoliation | 50’ / 150€

Its active ingredients represent the essence of this treatment: a gel made from sea salt and caffeine for a deep purification. It will be applied with brushes made of natural bristles. Essential oils and citrus fruits extracts add to the treatment the freshness and the energy needed to fully purify your body.

Body Treatments

Aloe Soothing Treatment | 50’ / 150€

The unique synergy created by aloe vera juice and apricot oil, murumuru and tucuma butter, results in deep elasticity for your skin. Soothing and refreshing treatment, in particular recommended after sunbathing.

Shaping and Draining Mud Treatment Cool effect or Classic | 50’ / 150€

The benefits of natural clay combined either with eucalyptus essential oil that brings to a strong cooling effect to specifically stimulate the microcirculation of the legs, or with jojoba oil for a traditional heating action that works on specific areas of the body. This treatment helps achieve excellent shaping results, reducing swelling and mitigating skin imperfections.

Beauty Services

Manicure | 50’ / 60€

Basic Manicure: cutting and filing nails, cuticles pushing, hand cream application, normal polish application.
This service does not include any gel polish removal and/or application.

Pedicure | 50’ / 75€

Basic Pedicure: cutting and filing nails, cuticles pushing, feet skin thickening removal, foot cream and normal polish application.

This service does not include any gel polish removal and/or application.

Semipermanent Application and Removal | Starting from 30’ / Starting from 20€

Gel Polish application and removal, excluding acrylic gel polish removal.

Waxing | 25’/50’/80’ – 45/80/110€

Classic waxing with strips.

Tanning shower | 30€ *for Casa Cipriani Members the use is complimentary

Highly performing and innovative equipment with three types of light, with three different bands: 320, 480, 633 nanometers.

Different time duration is available.

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